Our Insurance

No one expects anything to get damaged on their move. But life does happen no matter how careful you are. We have one of the most efficient and streamlined damage claim processes in the industry. Our philosophy is simple if something gets broken or damaged. There’s no reason why we can’t make it right and keep you as a happy customer.

With MoveCo.net you are covered five ways

  1. Our standard cargo insurance is $40,000
  2. Our bond is 50,000
  3. General liability insurance is 2 million
  4. The MoveCo.net in-house policy (see below)
  5. You can purchase additional valuation.
  6. We also participate in mediation/arbitration with Better Business Bureau, Southwest Movers Association and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

MoveCo.net in-house policy

Our movers are experience and very careful, and we back this up with an in-house policy. We will replace or repair items our movers damage within reason. (At MoveCo.net’s sole discretion.)

Here are three examples

  1. Almost all damages are a nick or scratch on the piece of wood furniture. Wood furniture can almost always be repaired by a professional company. If a glass top or a mirror was broken a new piece could easily be custom cut to replace the broken piece. If an item could not be repaired a settlement offer would be given considering current market value. All repair/settlement decisions that are above the state’s 60 cents per lbs requirement, are made at MoveCo.net’s sole discretion. We get most of our business for referrals this is a means of promoting customer service.
  2. If you have extremely valuable furniture you may consider purchasing the additional valuation.
  3. If you have any art or antiques of considerable value you may consider purchasing third-party art insurance.